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Your choice

Your choice

You are making your choices, all the time.


It is you who are deciding.

No one choice is freer than any other.

Both alternatives are yours, nothing more and nothing less.

We all like to think we do not really have a choice and that we live the way life goes, as it were, that we react to people and events as they arise.


You are the one who decides whether to stay where you are, or to move forwards or if you adapt to being a victim of your own choices.

If you are not feeling well, who is going to help you feel better?

If you are not happy with life, who is going to make you happy and make the changes that need to be made?


What? Me?


Wow, I never thought of that…


Of course, it feels tough to be reminded that we control our own lives, even down to the hurts and the successes. It does, doesn’t it? You can always blame the dog, can’t you?


Over the past year, I have spent a fair amount of time in hospital environments and observed that there are two kinds of patients.



Those that concentrate on what they cannot do.

They curse their illness, pain and incapacity. They are at war with themselves and only see what they no longer are able to do due to their damned illness. Sometimes they do get the bit between their teeth and say “right you bastard, you’re in for it”, but that is not addressed to the listener but to their illness, so the ultimate effect is continued inner conflict, in other words …no change.



Those that concentrate on what they can do.

Those that give thanks that they are able to open their eyes and breathe on for another day. Always a start. Today I was able to sit up for a whole two minutes. Wow! Cheers all round in the department! Tomorrow, maybe nothing or perhaps a bit more. We will have to see then. Right now there is life and with it, hope and strength. Total acceptance. Maybe write a book by blinking your left eyelid? What resources do I have and how can I marshal these in the best way? The effect is …miraculous healing.


How do we become one type of patient or the other?

What does our entire mind set depend on?

How can you change a destructive mind set if you are a moaner unhappy with life?


First and foremost, by accepting yourself and stop making decisions based on fear. Stop feeling you are a victim of your own life.

Who decides what kind of life you should live?

Your mother?

The neighbours?

Your partner?

(…or are you blaming the dog? )

OK…what does the road to freedom look like? How do you know that you are free in your own life?

Good question…allow yourself some time for yourself each day. Moments when you have time to reflect and, with a sense of curiosity, think who you are and what you want. Because, when you are in harmony with yourself and at peace with your demons, there is not much else to worry about.


Simply observe a butterfly. Isn’t that just fantastic? Or feeling the wind in your face?

So take some time to catch up and discover how much you have to be thankful for.


What choices are you going to make today to come a step closer to living your dream?


I do this with yoga. I need to do yoga.


What do you do? What do you need to do?



Winnie the Pooh: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

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