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Happy Hips

Exercise series for hips, thighs & legs
Relax and Renew


When the hips, bones, and other joints in the hip aren┬┤t adjusted and set properly, the spine is also affected. It can cacuse backaches and the body will be off balance as well. Yogi Bhajan has given this set of exercises specifically to get the entire hip area stretched out, set in place, and strenghtened so that our spines and our beings will function properly; it is an excellent series for overcoming sciatic nerve pain and for keeping that nerve in healthy condition.


  1. HappyHips1Lie down on back wih legs wide apart, feet raised 2 feet off the floor, leg straight. Alternately, in time with the breath, inhale as left heel comes in, and exhale as right comes in and left goes out; bring each heel as close to the groin as possible, maintaining the 2 foot elevation, for 1 minute. Relax.


  1. HappyHips2Sit up with legs stretched as wide as possible. Catch the right big toe with both hands and bounce up and down, bringing the head to the knee, inhaling and exhaling down 20 times. Repeat on the left leg.


  1. HappyHips3In the same posture, holding on to right big toe with right hand and left big toe with left hand, exhale down to the right leg and inhale up; exhale down to the left leg and inhale up, continuing 20 times.


  1. In the same posture, holding toes with hands as before, pull head down to the center toward the floor, inhaling up and exhaling as you bounce down rapidly with Breath of Fire 20 times. Relax.


  1. HappyHips4Sit on heels and place palms on floor in front of knees so that you are leaning forward slightly (buttocks remaining on heels). Flex the spine, inhaling as you arch back, exhaling as you slump forward, stretching the upper spine for 3 minutes. Relax.