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Stairs breathing

Sit in the easy meditation pose or far forwards on a chair. Feel that you are sitting straight, active but still relaxed. Your shoulders are relaxing, your jaw is relaxing. Your eyes are closed and your hands are resting in a comfortable position or you are holding them in guyan mudra, thumb touching index finger.

Imagine a small stairs with four steps. You are breathing in four steps up, breathing out four steps down. Give yourself time. You decide how slowly you wish to climb the stairs, and it is always the same stairway up and down. The next stairs can have longer steps, but you have chosen the stairs “up” so you take the same stairs “down” before changing stairs. It is usual for the stairs to get longer and longer.  Allow your breathing to change if you feel that is how your breathing wishes to breathe, that your breathing wishes to slow down.

If you have a lot of thoughts in your head, it can be worth focusing, using a concentration technique like a mantra, for instance. Try to think SA-TA-NA-MA linked to your four breaths in and the same with your four breaths out.

Continue for 10 minutes.

End by taking a deep breath in. Feel that you are taking in everything you need, hold it for a moment. Breathe out and relax.
Sit quietly for a few moments before you gently return to everyday life again.

This is a meditation that reduces stress and improves oxygenation.