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In the western world we have assimilated the physical exercises of yoga and many times have forgotten the rest that is a complete philosophical system in which the yoga exercises are a small part of a larger whole. In the media the word yoga is often closely associated with a very slender, acrobatic young person.

Yoga is not about being the most agile and supple. That is acrobatics and in that case all acrobats would be fantastic yogis but they are not. They are acrobats.


Your level of consciousness is your level of how developed you are.


Yoga is about being conscious. When I give myself attention, time and presence then something happens. I view myself with curiosity and completely without judgement or analysis. Somewhere in this a space forms which makes room for those things which I previously did not realise, and which I suddenly become very aware of. THIS is yoga!


Yoga cannot be measured as who does the most and is best. Yoga is about being conscious. But how can you measure consciousness? You do not need to be agile, slender, supple or strong. You only need to be able to breathe and it does not have to be any more difficult than that.


I have done a lot of yoga. I have been good at yoga. I have done yoga in the morning, afternoon and evening. I have done difficult, challenging and uncomfortable yoga sessions and enjoyed pushing myself a bit more…a bit more.


The real results, that is to say, the insights about myself and flow, came when I stopped performing. I started to do yoga programmes which were softer, entailed more feeling and meditations which were more meditative but in this way also more mentally demanding. I started to do yoga exercises that suit women. The acceptance, love and forgiveness came with softness, simplicity and feeling. This is yoga!


Do yoga and then rest. Allow the body to make adjustments. Activate the energy, glands and spine with yoga exercises, then take a break. Rest and allow your body to adjust itself in peace and quiet. Experience the activation of energy and allow your glands and energy to do the work. REST!


If a woman does not get the physical movement and discipline her body needs, then the emotional part will react to compensate. Her mood will become negative and unstable. Women are completely dependent on having all their hormones in balance. For women stress is TERROR!


Many exercises are designed for men, by men and are often not the right exercises for a woman who needs more varied movements, rather than them being explosive or aerobic.


Your physical activities need to be reviewed if you feel:

  • Irritated, frustrated, have a short fuse etc.
  • Exhausted
  • That you need lots of rest in order to recover.


Important! Work both with stable and flowing energy, every day. You need the stable energy to be able to cope with all types of weather, including storms.


The body is extremely intelligent. We generate energy through yoga and the body knows what it should do with it. Rest and let it happen.


Do the same thing in life. Activate the energies and rest. Relax and let it all happen. We say that we are resting, but we are not. The mind works, babbles and creates. Let go and allow the universal energy to have time to serve you!


– Meditate on gold if you want to ground yourself, mediate on white/silver if you want to build space.


If it is possible to do an exercise while standing, do it standing.  It does a lot for the energy flows in the body and later justifies sitting in silence.


Happy Hips. Women must move the hips, if their hips do not move a women will feel unwell.   Walk and swing your hips when you walk. Happy Hips are incredibly important for women.  Our hips need to be in a good condition, that is where flow lives!  Walk, dance, do different exercises!  Find what you need to do to keep your hips in a good condition and see what happens to you when your hips attain this condition!


SOS kit – when you do not have time for a complete yoga programme

  • Hip lifts
  • Nadi Kriya
  • Triangle 3-5 min on the fingertips.
  • Neck rolling, eye yoga, neck rolling
  • Active cobra


Exercise: Feel your breathing and count your breaths for one minute.  Walk for a moment with bent knees, walk with the navel. Measure your breathing again. Any difference? Why? 


Exercise: Walk around the room for a moment with your eyes open. Close your eyes and walk around the room again. Any difference?  It is the same difference as doing yoga with your eyes open and closed. The difference is consciousness. You listen a lot more carefully and become more attentive when you close your eyes. The difference is the level of consciousness.  


Stepping into your body and focusing are important in meditation. Be attentive! Step into your body, below the skin, and meditate on stability and neutrality.


Gratitude increases your level of consciousness. Summarise your day in the evening. Give yourself the recognition and feel that you did the best you could that day.

Do not go to bed and plan the next day!


Key to success:

  • Be attentive! Present, listening, feeling.
  • Find your centre. Third eye plus navel are equal to the heart.
  • Be in your body!
  • Feel whole
  • Feel grateful and satisfied
  • Feel connected to everything


As a woman, you can be a mystery. Everyone loves mysteries, so be one!

But never be a mystery to yourself.

“Guru Rattana”