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The universal energy

We are energy beings, souls with a physical costume, a physical body – not the opposite. Remember this.


We live in a revolutionary era where the entire universe is moving from stability to flow.


From vibrating masculine to feminine energy which can be described as an increase in frequency where the light becomes so much stronger what is not true starts to grate.  We see reality and ourselves as we really are.


We are moving from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius..


The Piscean Age, masculine energy, stability, represents knowledge through information, “I only believe what I see and can prove with logical thinking.” An age characterised by conflicts between both people and humans and nature.
The Piscean Age started approximately 2,000 years ago and during this period we made the body a device, a machine and allowed religions to gain a monopoly on the soul and spirituality. An age in which we have promoted and elevated greed, lack of emotions, injustices, patriarchy, hierarchies and rules.  Many of us still believe that material possessions count most.


We elect men such as Berlusconi and then wonder how such a man can be in power. We simply do not have enough counsciousness. Not yet.


The Aquarian Age, feminine energy and flow, represents knowledge through experiences.  “I believe in what I experience.” An age of understanding, communication and harmony. An age in which the political and monetary systems we have built will be tested to see if they hold for empathetic analyses. Are they fair? Have they been built with consideration and understanding? If yes, they will continue to operate. The foundation of systems that have been built through greed and conflict will be shaken and eventually collapse. If we believe in what we experience and view the world as it really is, then we will not accept anything else besides understanding, communication and harmony.  Everything else will be questioned.


But we will receive good support from all the current developments in terms of energy.


The challenge in the Aquarian energy is to be truthful, as you cannot fool experiences. That is to say “Am I living the life I want to live? Am I following my heart?” are questions which you cannot escape.


Some examples of energy channels:

Up until December 2014 we will have vibrations which will challenge the core of our relationships, which will either be strengthened or collapse. Hidden agendas, unconscious programming, everything will move to the surface. Brutal honesty is the survival technique in this and this makes it difficult to live in destructive relationships or in relationships which, once again, are not based on understanding, communication and harmony.


At present we have challenges that question our core values and whether we live by them – in reality. Our true soul’s gifts, qualities and values are often hidden beneath a whole raft of fantasies, illusions and emotional needs. The vibrations in the energies pierce these illusions, deeper than the fantasies and create conflicts if you stick to believing in a reality that is not true, rather than start listening


We will receive assistance to experience the global community from February 2012.  To be willing to unite and feel the solidarity.


Heal what you need to heal in order to tread your own path. Start along your path now and you will become whole during the course of the journey.  Do not wait a moment longer! Look after yourself. Really take care of yourself, heal yourself; physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Things will really shake around us when the universe vibrates because we will heighten our consciousness.  This is the whole aim of all energy channels, that we humans should attain Consciousness in terms of all that that entails.


Those who resist, who do not want to listen inwardly, to find the truth, will feel duality and in Kundalini Yoga what is referred to as “Cold depression”. A feeling of being empty, that something is missing and many will, as today, believe that a new car, more money, designer clothes, etc. will be able to fill the void. Alcohol and medicine can dull our sensitivities but cannot eliminate the experience. The fact remains: there is a void and it yearns to be filled, this is the Universal Law. But not with gadgets, status and money. The only thing that can deaden the pain is consciousness. Becoming conscious. Knowing who you are, what you need and what you need to do to feel whole and happy.


That the entire universe is moving into feminine flow energy influences all living beings on earth. We feel it in every cell. We become more conscious or more closed. Flow requires that we let go and move along. Flow cannot be deceived, you need to be truthful now. Flow is the truth so if you mess about and act on external attractions you will build a dam that will burst one day.


An increasing number of people are becoming increasingly conscious. Those who resist will resist harder.  We live in an era when it is time to calmly let go and relax. Trust is the key word. Have trust! You will land gently. A woman without trust has no protection. You cannot enjoy and relax without trust.


The increase in frequency affects the entire universe, our entire body. It will be a shift in our cells in our own energy. This means that we, in our entirety, are now striving for a balance between feminine and masculine energy. In practice, this means that the feminine energy must be given space, equally so by men and women.


We are moving from masculine to feminine.

We are moving from fear to love.

That is the real shift!