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To the woman

Practise your stability


You can control what you put in your mouth just as much as you can control your energy.  Scary, right? You need to think about what you eat because this in turn affects how you feel and how you look, right?  Have you ever thought about whether this can also apply to your mental and emotional abilities? Why would it only be limited to the physical body?


If you work on your mental and emotional stability then you can practically expose yourself to every environment and every person. But if you do not practise your integrity, your strength and your stability regularly then you will be an easy victim for the circumstances, people and situations around you. You become reactive, react to what is in your surroundings instead of being active in your own decisions and choosing what you want to act on.

There is no flow without stability.


We live in a world in which we are completely fixated with the body but have very little awareness of the body. Few adults know the location of the liver, one of the largest organs in the body. Or how our lungs work. Many people do not even know that the heart is in the middle of the chest, not on the left.

What we know is how we think we want to appear. On the outside. The inside lies fallow, forgotten and denied.  When it makes itself heard and sends an anxiety attack or a wave of melancholy, we immediately react by finding medication to close it, to avoid feeling it.


For some women Botox, the world’s strongest neurotoxin, has become more important than mental and emotional security and balance. The latter is not free, like fitness or strong bones.  It needs attention, it needs to be practised. You need to learn to know yourself, your entire self.  How will this work when you ensure that you are busy with the infinite? Is it strange that our emotional systems boil over in anxiety occasionally?

How many breaks do you have in a day?

How many hours do you sleep? How many hours are you NOT connected, surfing, watching TV, listening to music, keeping yourself busy with something? Do you have a single moment for yourself at all, every day? To just sit for a moment and feel.  Who are you? How do you feel? What do you want? Really? Flow comes when we rest.


Judging entails stretching yourself. Complaining, hunting and thinking that you are dependent on something out there. You think that you need money, stretch-stretch, children, a husband, new house, more attractive body, stretch-stretch. When you search for confirmation on the outside you then make holes in your beautiful rainbow-coloured, shimmering shell.

Everything is inside you. Everything! Have you ever met a strong woman? What was she like?

Is there anything more beautiful, stronger or more graceful?


The fantastic thing about this flowing energy is that it is strong and graceful at the same time.  Like a rippling, glittering spring creek. It reaches – everywhere – without any doubts. Nothing can stop it and it is wonderful to behold. It draws attention and energy to itself.


It is not only the hunting and dependence that make holes in our beautiful shell and make us lose our stability.

A tragedy is that we women are so good at reading and interpreting the environment and its needs that we forget ourselves and our own needs. We help, comfort, listen, support and care endlessly. Some women do it uninterruptedly – give of themselves – day in and day out. Bitterness, exhaustion, all internal conflicts, spread like wildfire in the feminine energy system when we sacrifice ourselves. We sacrifice ourselves for others. Then the shell shatters into thousands of pieces. When we no longer support ourselves, collapse is inevitable.


Exercise: What can make holes in your protective sphere? When do you stretch for something out there?


Exercise: Close your eyes, breathe calmly and deeply through your nose right down to the stomach. Turn your gaze inwards. Ask yourself: Can I give love? What answer do you get? Listen carefully. Then ask; Am I capable of receiving love? Listen deeply within yourself.  What does your heart say? Then think: “I love myself and I can embrace myself with my entire heart and I enjoy it.” Feel how true the last part is. Can you love yourself? As you are, at this very moment?


Exercise: Activate the strength by doing root lock with Sat Nam occasionally during the course of the day. A good way of maintaining the feminine flowing energy. 



Get rid of old programming

-and patterns


Life is ongoing and affects us. Life trains us as a drama and provides us with patterns which we inherit and invent, all based on needs. It is easy for patterns to get stuck so that we live by old templates, despite the fact that the situation which created the pattern ceased a long time ago. We each choose which patterns we want to keep and which ones it is time to let go of.


With the aid of yoga and meditation we can see ourselves as we really are and in this way distinguish the different living patterns. When we see them it is easier to choose whether they can be allowed to continue because they strengthen and support you, or whether it is time to let go of them because they are essentially destructive.

I do not know why you have been through everything that you have been through. I do not know why you have been subjected to the things that you have been subjected to. But I know that you choose how you see them. I know that everything that has happened to you has given you an inner strength which has helped you to take you where you are today. If you choose to see yourself as a victim, then this is also what you are.

If you choose to see yourself as part of something bigger, then perhaps you can see that everything that has happened to you has a purpose. For example, if your mother abandoned you as a child then perhaps her gift to you was strength. You develop internal power and strength to survive when you are alone and abandoned. You become more experienced and in this way can help others, so that when they look into your eyes they can see that you have been there. When you help another human being then you help yourself. This is one of the fundamental laws of the universe.


Women are often programmed from early childhood to think that they are not good enough.   They are not cute, skinny, pretty or smart enough. It is never enough and far from perfect.  Small girls learn that they are judged on their appearance and clothes as they often get to hear how cute they are and how pretty their clothes are. How many times is a small boy’s appearance or choice of clothes commented on?


Women learn at a young age that they are loved for what they do and for their appearance.  Not what they are. Their self-esteem reaches a low and the feeling of not being good enough is always there.

How often do you hear a woman speak negatively about herself?

How often do you hear a man complaining about his body or about his skills?


Anger is rooted in helplessness. We have not behaved in the way we wanted to/should have, instead we have ended up in a helpless situation.


Loving yourself in a feminine energy system means filling your entire soul with love! Love attracts love.