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Yoga to remedy burnout

Stress&Utbrända_BildWhen I hit the wall, my first thought was: “The fight is over”, and so it was, in a manner of speaking. It was the start of another exciting journey instead, to find my way back to myself.

After a few doctors appointments, and threats of being signed off sick for at least 5-6 years and permanently allergic to stress, I realised no one could say why I was ill. Simple answers like “you have been working too hard” or “you have bitten off more than you can chew” did not answer the question of what happens when everything collapses from one day to the next.

Why did I feel the way I was feeling?

What was happening with my body? Why had basic functions like vision, a sense of time, memory, the ability to read, sense of direction or simply being able to lift my arms or climb some stairs deserted me? Why all this agony?

If I could only understand why, maybe I would be able to do something about it. So I started to seek some answers.
I quickly came in contact with Göran Boll at IMY who gave me a yoga programme. I had reached the point where I would happily have eaten four kilos of earthworms if this would help me feel better, so 30 minutes of yoga twice a day felt like a simple challenge.

After my first yoga session, I could read again! What joy.

I then started to borrow loads of books from the library. Books on burn out, stress and the brain, fatigue and depression, serotonin, the human anatomy, breathing, yoga, self help, the nervous system, counselling, stress management, the brain etc.

I did my yoga and was amazed at how I felt both cleansed and healthier at the same time.

18 months after being diagnosed as suffering from “serious burn out” I started Yogabolaget (the Yoga Company).
I am now living a life I would never have thought possible today. Of having access to my creative power that is inexhaustible provided I top it up at the other end. Which I do do, every morning.

Everything I have read, in books, research reports, on the internet etc., I have distilled into a way of easily understanding what burn out really is. As adults, we want to understand the why in order to be able to understand the therefore. So when you know why your body reacts in the way it does, you will understand you therefore need to do this or that in order to get well again.

And maybe above all, what you can do to regain your power and happiness.

This is why I have developed special materials and exercises. Yoga against burn out.

Time and time again, these fantastic and powerful yoga exercises have shown the way forward for people who have lost their way and with it, their power.



The goal of this 2-day course is not for you to regain your health in the space of two days. Such a rapid recovery would not seem possible after you have spent years reaching the place you are at today.

The goal is for you to have gained within the next six weeks with the aid of these tools, a sense of power and also happiness being there. That you have set out on the road that will bring you back to health.



The power that has driven you to burn out, the power that has forced you, even when you were at your most exhausted, to still continue, is still there inside you. It will support you in your recovery. The power steered you before, you were the victim of your own hand.

The skill is to acquire a steering wheel and learn to steer, the power will always be with you.

I´m happy to organise 2 day traveling workshop. If you can organise a minimum of 20 paying participants, I will consider coming to you. You arrange the premises and participants, I bring myself, the workshop and materials.
Please contact me for more information and a quote.