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Meditation? OMG, how boring!

Meditation? OMG, how boring!

Discounting meditation because it is boring, embarrassing, slow and suuuuuuuch hard work is to discard the most powerful tool there is to help us reach inside our body and it is only when we are inside our body that healing can commence.


But what is it that’s actually distracting us from our body? Our thoughts.
What is it that causes stress? Destructive thoughts.
How do you break destructive thought patterns? By meditation.


Yoga prepares us for mediation by kick starting energy flows even in places that have been half asleep. After doing yoga exercises for a little while, your body will find it easier to relax and then it also becomes easier to meditate. Yoga helps us to let go of our cellular memories, meditation helps us to let go of destructive programming in our sub conscious. So, yoga and meditation go together. They complement each other in a fantastic way that makes 1+1 = 1,000.


When we meditate we have an opportunity to take note of where we are focusing our attention and energy. Is it on what other people think and believe? How you can give yourself healthy self-love? Or are you thinking about things in the past? Or things in the future? Or being happy and grateful in the here and now? Meditation is about becoming conscious of how we think and how this affects us. Taking note of the thoughts you are thinking either gives you energy or drains you of energy. Hmmm…..


In my particular case, it felt incredibly sad to discover that many of the very difficult situations I encountered in life had actually been created by me. For example, the thought that “other people are so incredibly demanding all the time” actually turned out to be that I was constantly taking on too much myself. I kept saying yes when I wanted to say no. My self-appreciation was based on being obliging so I felt sad and disappointed when I did not get the attention and acknowledgement I ought to have got when I was always being so incredibly clever and doing everything I “ought” to be doing.


It is often about how we choose to interpret things rather than how we actually feel.


We know that stress starts in the brain, that it is the brain that reacts to a threat, real or imagined, and that sends a signal to the adrenal glands that kick start our survival instinct and means the stress process becomes actual. We cannot side step the mind and brain if we want to get to the root cause rather than simply addressing the symptoms. We can heal the physical side as much as we are able to, but the destructive traits, patterns and programming that cause us to over perform time and time again are still lurking in our subconscious and then it doesn’t matter how healthy you make yourself feel with body exercice or how much energy you top up yourself up with.


What’s the point of having loads of energy when you still haven’t learnt to care for yourself and respect yourself and your body? If you don’t train your mind, how long you are able to continue over performing is purely a matter of time – once again.

Simply doing physical exercise is a short-term solution if we now know that it’s our thoughts and our brain that kick start our entire stress reaction.


When you start to meditate, you can find you change the way you see yourself, so don’t keep beating yourself up out of old habit. Appreciate and respect yourself for what you have achieved so far, and then you can start to address what you would like to change, at the rate and pace that suits you.

We need to train our mind.

Don’t let yourself be dictated to by your thoughts.

Don’t let the tail wag the dog.

Stop thinking about anything at all for three minutes. If you manage this, you are in charge.

Time to try something new.
Time to try some self-love and self appreciation.
Who knows? You might get to like it.

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