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Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death, destruction and ruin.


We immediately think of evil, sudden death, painful destruction and smoking ruins. Imagine if the same Goddess were also the Goddess of Rebirth? Like a forest fire?


Forest fires are terrible and force wildlife and sometimes even humans to flee for their lives. However, we now know that without forest fires now and again, certain species of flora and fauna would not exist, as they only seed and multiply after a forest fire. They emerge from the ashes.


So, is a forest fire a good or a bad event? Bad for landowners unable to sell their trees for timber, good for the flora and fauna that are dependent on forest fires, which in turn affect the entire balance of nature.


Was this accident a bad event then? That situation when it felt as though everything was falling apart around me, or that things actually HAD fallen apart? When I lost a loved one, became ill, suffered physical pain, but…or whatever my own forest fire looked like.


How many people say that but for this or that dreadful event, they would not be where they are today. In other words, they have survived a terrible forest fire that destroyed almost everything but that then created fertile soil for something completely new.


After the “forest fire” they look around with new born eyes in a sense of stupefaction wondering why everyone else does not feel the same thing. That everyone else has not been reborn in the process. That it is wonderful to feel thankful for small mercies. That it is amazing to simply be able to breathe, to be alive. How could it be that we always used to make things harder than they were and readily slip into the habit of speaking in such a moaning and whining voice?


Sometimes we need Kali. We call out her name deep inside ourselves even if we would adamantly deny this if anyone asked, even to ourselves. But if we are living a life we are not happy with, a pattern of life that grates and is not in line with what we need or dream of, then yes, there is a big chance we are crying out for her. But behind our back, naturally. We cannot openly acknowledge to ourselves or anyone else, that we have managed to make our lives so difficult, that it is hard to get up in the morning and face a new day.


So deep inside ourselves we whisper Kali. Please come to me, Kali. Come and raze everything I have to the ground, so I will be forced, with no choice or turning back, to re-evaluate my life. So I can start afresh.


It will be painful, we know that, but we are hopeful beings who live for the day the pain passes. The life we are living right now, the way things are, there is no end in sight.


So Kali appears.

…and she came
to me.


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