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“Oh Universe, thy will be done.”

“The Universe is pointing at me.”

“The Universe sent me the mother-in-law from hell.”

“The Universe didn’t want me to get in.”


What is this Universe? We are not talking about the Universe with the stars, planets and comets, but the Universe, with a capital U that we often refer to when it comes to searching for answers or reasons why things happen or don’t happen to us in life.

Is there some all-powerful being out there? Up there above the clouds or even higher, perhaps?

Is the Universe something we cannot deal with, something we cannot influence and simply something whose will we have to accept?  Is it the Universe that judges and classifies things so justice will be done somewhere, sometime?

Imagine if this Universe is us. You and me!

Imagine if we are part of Eternity!

Imagine if there isn’t some invisible power that sends pleasant and unpleasant messages and makes things happen to us, you and me.

Imagine if the Universe and Eternity are vibrating energy that is all the energy there is?

Imagine if this is so, that we as energy beings are part of this energy and that we affect energy flows in the same way as every drop of water affects the ocean.

Imagine if this is so, that only we and our inner vibration, our inner magnet, know what is coming to us tomorrow.

Every day I get a sense that my inner me reflects my outer me, never the other way round. To me, it feels self-evident that in some way what I have inside me affects everything that goes on around me.

What I mean by that is that we are not playthings of some higher power that points in our direction. That we can affect what goes on around us can be a pretty giddy and terrifying thought. Terrifying but also amazing at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could affect things in a way that means things are a bit better, more fun and more enjoyable for us.

Yogic philosophy is based on our being energy beings who move between different bodies and experiences in the physical world.  It is a tenet of chemistry and physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another.

As energy beings without a physical body we are at one with Eternity and feel no pain, yearning or even an urge to eat chocolate. With a physical body we feel plenty of things and no longer believe we are interconnected with everything around us. Even if more and more people say they believe there is something greater “out there”.

But imagine if we are just as interconnected all the time except that our physical body gets in the way, as it were, so we cannot see the woods for the trees. Or perhaps more that we do not feel everything that occurs on a higher plane because we are stuck in our own physical body with all its thoughts and feelings.

If we actually are interconnected how cool is that? Because it means that what is happening inside me is affecting everything around me. Wow! Hold on a minute! If I am filled with darkness, this is terrible. Or is it? We choose for ourselves what is darkness and what is light. If we have experienced something terrible, as time passes, we can choose to see this as something dark that weighs heavily on us and that we identify with or perhaps as something that helped us grow, made us wiser, maybe even stronger.

All energy supports us in finding our truth. Helps us to find our own way of living so we feel well. If we are not true to ourselves in life, that is to say in the way we want to live in our heart of hearts, some part of our body will start rebelling.

Many a time I thought I wanted to take things a bit easier and give myself more of a break between all my business trips. But for some reason this never happened. I think this more and more often but still do not turn thoughts into action. Then one day I fall off a horse and am so badly injured I have to take things easier, not just for a week, but for much longer. My dream became a dream come true. I genuinely wanted to take things easier but was not being true to myself, I did not slow down, so my vibration about rest echoed and came back.

“It would be wonderful to take things a bit easier.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to take a couple of days off, but first I just have to…”

As I was not prepared to lie down voluntarily, I got a bit of help, from myself. I put myself in a situation that resulted in complete rest.

I arranged things so my life was calmer, so I have time to rest and if I don’t, my brain ceases to function. I could not have arranged things any better.  Now I HAVE to rest, otherwise I feel very poorly. No wonder I burst out laughing in the ambulance when I saw how absurd the whole situation was. Or was that just the morphine?

So now I listen and my body guides me.

What are you vibrating? Give yourself a few moments…. listen. With curiosity. Maybe you can just feel the breeze of Eternity?


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