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Female & Male

Female and male energy

Feminine energy and women’s energy are different. Both women and men have feminine energy, flow, and both have male energy, stability. The structure of the energy system and how the energies function is different. 


Women’s energy

Women have a spherical energy system that contains and covers everything. A sphere that includes all energy flows and feelings. Everything is in the same place and there is no order among the content, but everything moves and exists at the same time.


Imagine a large transparent globe full of beautiful, sparkling particles. Similar to one of those ornaments you can shake.  Particles which do not need to be shaken, they are constantly moving, like a flowing dance.

Everything in the same place and always in motion. Feelings, non-judgement, love, harmony, presence and gratitude are here. Everything in constant motion spinning around each other.

The spherical shape allows the particles to always spin around, around and around, even if the globe is completely still.

Your big challenge is keeping your spherical energy intact.



Your energy is dependent on having an intact demarcation so that the particles, flow and strength cannot leak out. Like a soap bubble, but instead of containing air the contents are strength, flow, wisdom, empathy, etc. As with the soap bubble, we are dependent on there being a film, a boundary which maintains this stability.

If you make a hole in a soap bubble it bursts and is gone. The same can also be applied to a woman’s energy constellation.


When you no longer have the energy to maintain your space, your sphere, holes form in the protective casing, which results in energy starting to leak out.  The particles blow away with the wind. They are in constant motion so they spin away, beyond your control. They disappear, the energy disappears. When the protective casing has disappeared you feel exhausted, subdued and crushed. Strength, joy and creativity have collapsed.


Your energy is creative and creating. Not only in terms of life, but in everything.  A woman can create chaos and harmony equally fast.  What it becomes depends on your balance, stability and neutrality.


If you have a strong external “shell” which holds all your flows in place then you are in constant flow!  Nothing leaks out, nothing uninvited enters.

You can embrace whoever you want in your round, shimmering energy being.


Female strength holds the sphere in a stable manner and works like the sun.

The sun shines and warms everyone in its orbit, but it never loses anything from itself.  If the sun were to start losing small pieces of itself every time it generated heat or light, then it would only be a matter of time until it shone weakly and flickered, on its way to self-destruction.  You need to be rooted, stand firmly on the ground. It is the essence of flow, to always be in motion and consequently it prefers to fly away, and therefore needs a subtle anchor in order to feel safe. We feel that stability holds the shimmering casing whole.


The female elements are air and water. Fleeting elements that need down-to-earth roots.

As a woman you are dependent on being in contact with Mother Nature, with the earth below your feet and with Mother Nature.  You are dependent on being grounded and down-to-earth.


Women’s energy is to attract what she wants. Vibrate within herself the desires which she wants to attract.



Men’s energy

Men’s energy has two parts.  One part targets one direction, is target-oriented and wants and must act in order to feel good.  Flow and feelings spin around the target-oriented energy.


Men have a pole-shaped energy which wants and needs to target itself.  The strength, the energy field, is like an arrow-shaped figure. An energy system which prefers to search for goals and targets one thing at a time. Men search for challenges in order to target and use their energy. The flow, feelings, empathy etc. spin outside the pole-shaped strength and consequently men can use their strength even if they cut themselves off from their flow and their feelings.


Imagine the energy of men as a beautiful transparent pole full of pretty, shimmering particles that move up and down the pole.

The pole is linear and always targets one side, one direction at a time.  In order to maintain the movement of particles, activity is required.  Without activity the particles start to lose momentum and stagnate.  A man without a project, a task, becomes slow and sluggish.  The particles come to a standstill.

The motion of the particles is dependent on movement, measures and action. A man simply needs to do things to charge his batteries.

Flow spins around the pillar, and so do the beautiful particles, which are constantly in motion and flow around the pole. These two parts, the strength and flow, are linked but are still split in two, and consequently the man can shut off or lose flow and still function, still maintain stability, as the pole still remains.

This is one of the reasons why men can kill.  They can disconnect flow where the feelings are and still have access to their energy.  For example, hunters and soldiers.


Men’s extrovert energy is hunting or obtaining what they want. They can aim and go for it.


Male energy cannot create life.  It is not creative energy and cannot therefore create, for example, chaos and internal conflicts as easily.


In terms of time, it takes longer to unbalance men’s stable energy.

They may neglect themselves more and for a longer period until the energy or physical body puts an end to it.

Persistent neglect may also result in a man’s stability collapsing. Then the strength to take actions and act in order to maintain the energy in the pole is not sufficient. The man becomes weak and confused.

Men need to maintain the direction of their energy and work towards ensuring they always have a target and an occupation.


The biggest threat to men is losing flow and if they do this then they become intolerant, aggressive and inflexible. Stability without movement is no fun to spend time with, it is boring, cold, hard and non-empathic. Rules, systems, structures and logic are always number one. The challenge for men is always to have contact with flow. Daring to have contact with feelings and everything which can be felt in the body.  Stability is already there but without flow it becomes rigid. A man in duality soon loses flow.

Men need to believe in themselves and their ability. Internal conflicts and duality split men’s energy, as is the case for women.


Masculine, stable energy needs to dance, needs the feminine energy. When both energies dance with each other then there is only love, everything is pulsating love. If you have felt the dance once then this is enough to always long for that place.


Energy symbols:




A sphere anchored downwards.



Targeted energy, upwards, outwards.




A woman has many things in motion simultaneously and can also do several things at the same time. Have a conversation, knit and keep an eye on her child. And she can do this splendidly as she has circular energy which cannot and does not need to be targeted.

Male energy entails one thing at a time, the pillar points in one direction, towards one side at a time. Forcing a man to do several things at the same time may result in him splitting and losing flow.


Burnout affects far more women than men, which is completely understandable when we consider the different energy constellations.

A creative being like the woman never stops creating.  If she does not create beauty and harmony, then she creates chaos and confusion. This creation is constantly ongoing.


If we consider heart attacks, for women the cause is almost always stress. To a large extent for men it is an unhealthy lifestyle with poor food habits, little sleep, alcohol etc.


Men need their neutrality in order to feel love and empathy. Women need their neutrality so that they do not become drained. Sleeping on it means connecting with the neutral sense.


The most important task of women is to stay in contact with themselves and maintain their energy, their space intact. A woman who competes with a man and behaves like a man creates conflicts within herself.  It is not possible to target circular energy, it is round and cannot be pointed in any one direction. The only thing that happens when a woman hunts like a man, is that she extends her arms through her sphere and consequently makes holes in it. The energy leaks and conflict becomes a reality.  Sometimes a woman suffering from burnout does not have any of her protective shell left. She stands, naked, weak, confused and cannot feel flow.  She leaks like a sieve, all the time, and suffers from duality and consequently she frantically searches for external kicks.


Women do not have the same options as men to shut the flow and continue functioning.  Everything is connected in women. A woman who intentionally or unintentionally shuts off flow and feelings also closes off all the strength.

Women are entireties and cannot divide themselves like men. Women have the entirety within themselves.

If we do not feel this entirety we become unhappy and search for happiness outside.

If we have external needs and do not feel the entirety, then we can be used, manipulated, crushed and obliterated.


When we reach out for something external we make holes in our space, our sphere ourselves.  For example, hunt for things like a man. Problems arise when we women behave like men and start hunting. Our energy spills out when it is not used as intended. We become exhausted.


Women are connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All four parts are interdependent and lean towards each other.

Compare the reactions of a woman and a man when they need to do something they prefer not to do.

This is where the balance is revealed.

Is the woman in balance or not? Is she neutral or judgemental? Women in balance who do not judge, complain and interfere, often notice that crises pass without them having to do anything at all. The opposite applies during imbalance.


A woman asked the yoga master Yogi Bhajan why almost all saints are men. He answered:  Because men need to have a job.



Feminine and masculine

-in everyday life


 Everyone wants to have calmness, peace and quiet but they do not know how they should attain it.


Women who do not have their stability search for it outside. This is where the attraction force between many men and women lies. Women without an intact, whole sphere always search for stability, often in the form of a man and they feel alone, abandoned and lost when they are on their own.


A woman who is not whole is attracted to male stability like a moth to a flame. But she cannot attain stability alone. He cannot give it away, and she cannot purchase, steal or inherit it.  Not even a small part of it, so the relationship is an unhappy one. She constantly wants more.  More security, more stability, constantly in search of what she herself lacks. She feels that He does not fulfil her expectations, which from an energy perspective, are impossible to fulfil!  He can never make Her feel whole – She becomes dissatisfied, bitter, whiny.  She becomes very, very judgemental.


Men in turn are attracted by female flow. Men who lack their own flow always search for women who can take care of them and who ensure that everything functions. Who add colour to life! However, the energy cannot be transferred so men constantly search for flow. Perhaps a new woman, a younger woman, but in the end it will be the same thing. If they lack their own flow then they cannot initiate their own inner dance and so they will never find it. Men who lack functioning flow become intellectually rigid, boring and unimaginative.


We live with these energy differences, constantly, in our everyday lives, in our relationships and in our lives together. And we work so hard to smooth them out and pretend as if they do not exist.


Exercise: We have different talents and skills, feminine and male energy. Consider how we, men and women, view leisure activities, food, music, relationships, traditions and feelings.

How are things in your surroundings? Are there differences and is there scope to accept them? 



We live in a society that accepts equality, which is good, but on the energy conditions of men, which is devastating for women.

Male energy is the template for how we should be and behave, women as well as men.  Action, target orientation and performance are rewarded.


Loving attraction has neither scope nor space in a hierarchy.

Flow is free flow.  Feminine energy is in constant movement in a constantly ongoing, fantastic swirling dance.


Consider the business world and its structure. How much scope is there for colourful female creativity and strength? How do women appear in politics or the career ladder? They are often more or less disguised as men in a tighter form of a dark suit, both in the inner and the outer.

Rules, structures and hierarchies are systems for monitoring, analysing and judging. Male energy loves hierarchies. Feminine energy is destroyed by them.

Female energy is flow and there is no free flow if dams are built or new lines are drawn in an attempt to try to control the route of the stream.

Flow disappears the very moment you try to control it!


An experience of both energies is needed, the stable as well as the flowing. Masculine as well as feminine. Allowing the permanent, stable energy to control everything contributes to us having laws and rules for everything.

How should we behave as people, how should we behave in society?

The rules govern without taking into account the flowing energy; how it feels and how it affects us and Mother Earth. Except permanent, stable energy ultimately becomes destructive. Flow is needed.


If you are in flow then no rules are needed, you do not want to hurt anyone or anything.  You know what is right and act based on that.





Quantum physics has revealed that light is made up of both particles and waves. Depending on how you see the light it behaves either as a particle or a wave. Both stability and flow. Both exist simultaneously in interplay where they exchange/dance with each other. Just as within and between us humans!