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Life would probably be a bit easier for all us yogics but for enlightenment.


If there were no enlightenment there would be no goal, no “heaven round the corner”. There would be no “will get better later”. No “Then, when I am enlightened, life will take on a joyous rosy glow….later….”
No “It is purely a matter of working hard, enduring and ploughing on until I finally reach this blasted enlightenment”.


Without enlightenment, you could not do competition yoga. Did you know you can now compete in yoga? THIS is genuinely interesting as yoga is a philosophy of life that seeks to raise awareness. In which case, competing ought to be about who is the most aware, the most “enlightened”. But how do you measure that?


I often hear dates in association with practising yoga. I have been doing yoga for so and so many years.
What does that tell us?
That “I am more enlightened than you because I have been doing yoga for 20 years and you have only been doing it for 18 years”?


Without enlightenment, there would only be the now and nothing but the now.
We talk a great deal about presence and being present. Absolute presence is heavenly and I hope that everyone experiences what total presence is for themselves at some time.


But while we talk about the importance of presence, we are working hard behind the scenes, towards the future, towards enlightenment. I have met many people, including yogics, who have a very romantic view of enlightenment, as if it were a constant state of happiness and ecstasy, where there is no room for pain or problems. We want enlightenment because we want to be in absolute bliss.

We see it as physical happiness and then get caught up in the physical body and its (our) desires.


You cannot strive for enlightenment or awareness by work rate.
Yoga helps us become more aware, about ourselves and our needs. What do I need to do to feel good? Gaining greater awareness about yourself is the start of feeling better as this affects every choice we make – all the time. How we choose what we are going to eat and how much, who we are going to socialise with, what we are prioritising and so on.


Like life, awareness is a journey.
We become more and more aware, just as we become older. Certain people reach full awareness and insight overnight, other people never do, even after 45 years of yoga. Not this time.


Can we not enjoy this “enlightenment”, wisdom and life experience we have gained so far, what is to say we are going to enjoy it later, when we become a bit more aware, a bit more enlightened? Where do we draw the line? How aware do we need to be to relax and be grateful for what we have? Can you relax a little as early as today? A bit?



“Enlightenment is like a great big white 1960 Cadillac Convertible. Everyone wants one but when they finally get one, they realise it is impossible to park. Once you have finally got it, you can never lose it, ever” Yoga Master Guru Dev Singh


Or, as the yoga teacher said; “If you think you´re enlighted, go visit your parents”.


Pooh: It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”

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