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Dancing naked in the rain

Is there any sentence that contains such an irresistible sense of freedom and joy as this?
And what is the opposite?

When was the last time I danced naked in the rain?

When I was a child, I loved to dance and never for a single moment did I think how this would look or seem to other people. I loved to hop, skip and run around.
But the older I got, the fewer the opportunities to dance became to the point when I could no longer dance when I felt like it, I had to have a reason to do so, first. Eventually, dancing became uncomfortable and more performance oriented.

As middle age beckons, do any of us still remember the joy of dancing? Saying no became a habit…dancing ebbed away and disappeared….

“But, WAIT A MINUTE. Naturally I love to dance naked in the rain, I just need to run the kids to school first.”

The feminine polarity is dependent on dancing, creating, creation and movement. It cannot remain still as the very essence of feminine energy is movement.

So what happens when this energy grinds to a halt? Women become bitter, nagging moaners.
Men become listless, single minded and boring.
Our hips, lower back and pelvis become stiff, rigid and start hurting. Dancing is conspicuous by its absence, physically mentally and emotionally.
If your hips feel stiff, your mind will have stiffened beforehand and vice versa, a bit like that old philosophical question of the chicken and the egg.

When dancing disappears, musts muscle in.
Life becomes something that has to be managed because it MUST be managed, not because we want to or enjoy it.

…So we need Happy Hips.
We need dancing. Fun! We need to rediscover that curious, hopping, skipping child inside us. The child who did not worry all the time and simply enjoyed what he or she was doing at that very moment. And right now I am dancing because I can, not because I need to or must do. Because I can.

When our hips, lower back, pelvis, i.e. our second chakra, do not feel well, it feels as though we are stuck and at the same time drained of energy.
Our second chakra is where our passion, our enjoyment, our relationships and our flow sit. And dancing.

Happy hips are irresistible, both for the person with the happy hips and everyone around them.
Happy hips is dancing naked in the rain, at least emotionally and mentally.

Yoga is a good tool for giving our hips a bit of extra consideration and this is why I have put together a shorter yoga programme that I call “Happy Hips”. You can find it under the “Yoga” tab on this page.

Do the exercises and then chose a 10-11 minute meditation. (You can also find several meditations on this page under Yoga/Meditation.)
Make a note of what happens in your life when you work on your hips. Keep a daily record and see what happens.

Happy Hips – here we come! Relax your abdomen and buttocks, spring is here.

I am now going to go outside and dance in the rain…I hope it is a spring shower, not the last of the winter snow falling…

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