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A change of life, nothing less.


Change is not always easy or comfortable but it is a reality in life. Absolutely unavoidable, everything changes, all the time.


When I fell over and smashed my head I had to change.
(If you have not read my earlier blogs, I fell off a horse in 2012 and suffered a subdural haematoma, or brain haemorrhage, between the cerebellum and cerebrum, minor bleeding between the two halves of the brain and fractures in my sacrum and S3 and S4 vertebrae.)


When you cannot do everything you usually do, what do you do then? Get angry and frustrated?
When you cannot think clearly or do even the simplest of tasks, should you feel sorry for yourself?
Do you get stuck in a “why did it happen to me” refrain or do you allow change to happen as it is unavoidable, irreversible?


When you suffer a major injury or serious illness, we quickly become acquainted with two little birds that circle overhead. They flutter round and round you, always wanting to settle on either side of your shoulders. One is called Self-pity and the other is called Bitterness.


They love to sit on your shoulders and whisper in your ears.
“Oh, you should feel sorry for yourself. Poor you, everything is so hard for you. Just think long and hard about everything you cannot do any more. How are things going to go? What is life going to be like? You should be really worried. It is good to worry all the time, even when you go to bed…”


I cannot be grateful enough for my accident, even though it has been hard going at times. When things have seemed bleakest, the birds have zoomed worryingly close to me, but they have never put me on the floor. That I practise my yoga, sit by myself for a while every day, to touch base with how I feel – if truth be told, this leaves no room for the birds to sit near me.


Naturally, my circumstances changed. Firstly, in being able to stand up and walk and then to manage simple daily tasks. But they were simply changes. Finding new ways and new solutions to do everything that I had done before without thinking about it.


An incredibly vitalising challenge.
To not change is to fight life itself.


Everything changes all the time. You are not the same person today as you were yesterday, even though you probably do everything to convince yourself that you are.
Everything changes, decomposes, develops, grows up.


Doing the same thing every day, every time the same situation arises is to go through life on autopilot and that gives you a false sense of control. It is like never learning from your mistakes.
The only thing we really control is what we eat, drink, and to a certain degree, what we think and how we breathe.

The rest we have no control over. At all.


Running on autopilot and not touching base about what I want, wish for, need and can manage – every day – is to be disconnected from yourself and your life that rolls on round and round, around you and inside you.
We stop seeing opportunities, all the choices we have and everything a 3 year old sees with ease.


We do not see how we are developing ourselves or the way others are. We are quite simply blind to all this and are then surprised when we hear something different that comes like a bolt from the blue. We try to be stable and unchanging in the midst of massive movement, in the middle of a torrential river, where everything is changing all the time.


This causes blockages, traffic jams, chaos and we become totally drained of energy trying to stay in one piece, to not be swept along and allow ourselves or our surroundings to be changed. The fear of “what would happen if what normally happens doesn’t happen?” gives us the power to keep going despite the tremendous stresses, strains and pain.


Even though we know that we are living a life that is miserable and which is making us ill. Or as the saying goes “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.


In 2012 we went from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. All the vibration in the universe around us has changed and made us more and more receptive to every day that passes. We understand and feel more. In other words, it is more difficult to stand absolutely still when you start becoming aware of the queues behind you.


So, what do you say?

Should we try and let go for a few moments?


Enjoy the ride on the water slide? Like when we were children?
We can start with a little slope….


In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
Eric Hoffer

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