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I love my chakras

Chakras, what are they, actually?

A few colourful circles along the spine that you can see on posters in incense reeking and poorly lit basements?

Or is this a way to try to illustrate that we are fantastic energy beings on a visit to a physical body?

The chakra system, a map that charts the human energy system is a yoga therapy that repeatedly demonstrates what power is unleashed when you understand one part of this map and start working with these energies directly. It does not take much to start feeling a bit better within the space of a couple of minutes. A few deep breaths, a couple of minutes doing a slow, knowing exercise and…voilà.. not right as rain yet, but maybe I do feel a bit better…things are starting to move in the right direction.

In the world of yoga, people talk a great deal about balancing chakras and we read about the chakra system and what each chakra is about in the same way we read horoscopes. When I read about chakras for the first time, it was because I wanted to pick up a few clues about myself. I read with the same kind of look on my face as when I read my horoscope for the week in a weekly magazine. Whatever seemed to fit I agreed with and the rest was nonsense.

As I gradually gained a deeper understanding of humans as energy beings, my face changed from “a magazine reading look” to “the victim role”.

… of absorbing information on the chakra system in the same way as reading a medical text book. If you read a book on illnesses you soon start to notice you have at least one symptom of every illness and the way you feel. So I ended up reading a huge pile of books about chakras and quickly discovered that I had imbalances in every one.

Today, a few years, experiences and insights later, I know that my chakra system needs to feel well and I know what I need to do to achieve this.

My chakra system doesn’t have to be totally in balance, just as I do not have to weigh my ideal physical weight, in order to feel really well.

I would like to give you three (3) quick tips for balancing your chakra system (in addition to doing yoga and meditating obviously. ) 😉


  1. Figure of 8

Go for a walk. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and get out into the fresh air. If you wish to work with your entire energy system and see what happens when you do this, walk with a figure of 8 (eight) movement.

As follows:

Step outside ready for a walk.

Gently straighten your back without tensing any muscles.

Let your left shoulder move gently forwards when your right hip, leg and foot go forwards, then when your left foot moves forward, your right shoulder should move forward. The challenge here is to achieve movement all the way from your hip, not just your leg and all the way down from your shoulders, so if you saw yourself from above, you would see a figure of 8 movement.

Right hip forward, left shoulder forward and vice versa.

Check points: If you are a bit stiff and unfamiliar with this, your upper body will try to sway to the side to compensate for the forward movement. That is to say your shoulder will dip rather than move forward, which can happen when your hips stay still.

Swing your arms gently in tune with the other movements without any exaggerated movement. Your underarms should not swing, instead there should be a gentle movement in your whole arm that comes from your shoulders rolling forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards following the movements and tempo of your hips.

Breathe in tune with your steps. Breathe in as many steps as feels comfortable and then breathe out the same number of steps. Walk for at least 20 minutes and keep a note of what happens with your jaw, shoulders, neck, hips and mentally.

The exercise can be done by both men and women.

Are you curious to find out what happens and why? Put your shoes on, step outside and discover for yourself.

….and don’t forget…relax your tummy!


  1. Stomach out.

Let your tummy relax, let it out, release it and feel what it is there for. Walking and keeping a tight grip on your tummy is like restraining your own energy.

Let your tummy go, relax and above all, release all your power and urges. Keeping your stomach in blocks your 2nd chakra where your passions are born.

Let your stomach go! get in touch with you passions and relax yourself free.


  1. Self love

A genuine quick fix for the chakra system is self love, of liking yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are, your weaknesses, your dark sides along with your strengths and sunny sides. When I accept myself, I let go of the need to be accepted by others. The chakra system balances itself.



Phoo: “Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”


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