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They say that breakfast is the most important start to the day. Don’t agree as I know people who live on nothing more than a cup of tea for the first three or four hours of the day and are no worse for that, but I am not one of them. I like a proper breakfast personally, but do not get on with cold yoghurt or hot porridge.

I have tried at least 20 different kinds of oats but the end result is the same every time, I feel absolutely starving within a couple of hours. Strange as they are supposed to be slooooooow release carbohydrates. However, I have now discovered my all time favourite breakfast.


I stay feeling full for aaages, and feel extra soft inside all day. Soft and gentle.


Loosely based on a recipe in the COOP customer magazine MerSmak.



1 Avocado

3 dates

Handful fresh spinach

10-15 almonds

1 dl rice or soya milk with coconut.

Squeeze of lemon


Mix everything with a handblender into a smooth paste. Eat.

Serve with almond milk and fruit or berries.


Such as blueberries and a few roasted coconut chips. I also love adding a sliced and diced orange. Or a chopped plum. I even occasionally add cornflakes…


TIP: Do not store the avocado in the fridge overnight when you are going to eat it in the morning. The porridge would be too cold then. Brrr….


TIP: I usually use rice or soya milk with coconut for the porridge. You can buy this in most food stores. If you want a bit more umph, use a tin of coconut milk.
This makes the porridge more coconutty, which is a real energy booster on a cold morning when you are going to do some physical work or exercise.


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