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Guru Rattana Workshop in Oslo

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WORKSHOP in OSLO Healt, Healing and Heart My dear friend, yogini and fantastic, insightful colleague Guru Rattana from San Diego comes...

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Meditation? OMG, how boring!

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Discounting meditation because it is boring, embarrassing, slow and suuuuuuuch hard work is to discard the most powerful tool there is to...

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Love me

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“Clever girl” someone told me when I was a child and it felt good. I am clever, I am good enough, I am loved.   To ensure I...

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I love my chakras Chakras, what are they, actually? A few colourful circles along the spine that you can see on posters in incense reeking...

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Yoga Weekend Oslo Norway

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Workshop Sacred Space Healing Oslo 7-8 November with my dear friend yoga teacher Guru Rattana who does this special 2 days workshop for...

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